Psychosocial Care and Support for Persons Living with HIV and AIDS and their Families (PLHIV)

The project is a community based intervention for the prevention and management of the risks and problems associated with HIV infection. It is geared towards the education and capability building of individuals, family members, and community in managing the impact of HIV and AIDS.


The project aims to enhance the access of PLHIVs and their affected family members to various support services and assistance



  • Social Workers gained competence in handling PLHIV cases through the utilization of newly acquired techniques and approaches.

  • Duty-bearers and service providers had increased professionalism in handling cases as manifested by open- mindedness and non-judgmental attitude.

  • Beneficiaries were provided with various services/assistance (counseling, educational, burial/ funeral, transportation, livelihood and skills training).

  • Service providers and DSWD regional staff were oriented on Referral System or Care and Support for Persons Living with HIV and AIDS.