Comprehensive Program for Street Children, Street Families and Indigenous Peoples especially Sama Bajaus (Compre)

The program is an integrated approach and a package of services and interventions to address the needs of street children, street families and Indigenous Peoples living and/or at-risks in the streets.


The program desires to reduce activities and vulnerabilities of children and families at risk in the streets by responding to their immediate needs and engaging them in productive, cultural and developmental activities in a safe environment.



The Comprehensive Program in its 8 years of pilot implementation in partnership with LGUs of highly urbanized cities/ municipalities, NGAs, NGOs, FBOs and concerned private organizations has yielded remarkable good practices and success stories such as the



• Creation of Task Forces for Children, Families and IPs especially Sama Bajau in both local and regional level with assistance by Street Facilitators.


• In-school street children are provided with educational assistance while out of school children / youth are provided with alternative learning system at the Activity Centers; Families at risk on the streets are provided with livelihood capital assistance.


• Able-bodied adults are deployed as park attendants and some job seekers from these families were provided with financial assistance for their requirements etc.


• Children and their Families also participated in camping\ activities and other family development sessions such as Parent Effectiveness Service and Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities for therapeutic activities and counselling sessions